The following are some common questions we get from our customers. This should come in hand but if you  would still like more info on our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



Is Olden Kombucha made in Denmark?

Yes! Our kombucha is brewed at our facility in Aarhus.

What is kombucha?

It is sweetened tea combined with a kombucha culture and fermented until enough sugars are converted to organic acids and reach a state of self-preservation. The bacteria and yeast number in the millions by this time and provide a natural source of probiotics.

What does it mean to be certified Fairtrade?

We use only ethically sourced ingredients because we think everyone should be able to live a decent live and be fairly paid.

Is there any alcohol in Olden Kombucha?

Our kombucha may contain traces of alcohol, but no more than 0.5% by volume.

Is there a recommended daily intake, can you drink too much?

There is not a recommended limit, but some people react differently. Our kombucha is not high in acetic acid (vinegar taste), so it can generally be enjoyed at any time. Try half a cup first and wait if you are unsure. Kombucha will definitely get your digestive system ‘moving’.

Is kombucha safe to drink if pregnant?

We cannot legally answer this and it is best to talk to your doctor or health professional.

Is Olden Kombucha vegetarian and vegan?

We are approved by the Vegetarian Society and though there is no vegan certification we comply with vegan principles.

Does your kombucha contain caffeine?

Yes. Because we use tea that has naturally occurring caffeine it also appears in kombucha. The levels are very low though: 10-28mg per bottle. That is less than half of that found in a cup of tea.

Is Olden Kombucha paleo?

Yes! Although there is no l certification in Denmark we comply with paleo diet principles. This includes not using non-nutritive or low/no-calorie sweeteners like stevia and erythritol.

Do you add sugar after you ferment the kombucha?

No, we don’t add anything after we ferment – just straight into the bottle or keg!

Is Olden Kombucha gluten free?

You bet we are! We are not using any products with gluten in our production process.

Do you use anything artificial or use sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol?

No, we don’t. We choose to make and sell only 100% natural kombucha.

Are there any known allergies to kombucha?

Kombucha has been available in Western countries for more than 40 years and is generally consumed by most types of people. As with any food product, there may be some people who are allergic to kombucha or certain components of it (ex. Histamine Intolerance). It is best to start with a small amount and/or consult a health professional.

Is Olden Kombucha certified organic?

Yes, we have the Danish and European Organic Certification.

How does Olden select the tea used in the kombucha?

All teas used have been carefully selected based on the flavour and natural benefits. All certified organic and Fairtrade.

How long does it take to make a bottle of Olden Kombucha?

It takes a little over two weeks to make a bottle.

How does Olden make its kombucha?

A symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast is put in a sweetened tea brew and the bacteria feed on the sugars converting them into organic acids, which gives kombucha its iconic flavor.



Where can I buy Olden Kombucha?

Health Food shops, whole food markets, supermarkets, cafes, bars and restaurants, gyms and yoga studios, check out our partners locations here.

Where do you ship?

We do not sell our product online but you can find our brew at one of our partners locations from Aarhus area.

Can you pay me to be a brand ambassador?

We don’t pay any ambassadors but we love to support with our kombucha if there is a match.

Do you have bulk discounts?

We have discounts on subscriptions but reserve wholesale pricing for our retail customers.

Should I chill the kombucha when I receive it?

Yes. As the brew continues to ferment we recommend keeping in the fridge so that it doesn’t sour.



Do you offer bulk discounts?

Definitely! Please get in touch about our current deals.

Can I get a kegerator (for free)?

Most likely, yes! Contact us for more information.

Can I get some in-store tastings?

Yes, please write us an e-mail get to organize.

Can I get samples?

Of course! Just send us an email to

Do you have Point of Sale material?

Definitely! We have posters, table talkers, fridge stickers, as well as opportunities to install a fridge.